StudioX Services

Corporate Photography Services

Photography and video can mean the difference between your business receiving new clients or customers or your competitors receiving them.

Marketing is important for all businesses, crisp, professional, quality photography will enhance your website, brochures, annual reports, articles, press releases, business cards, and marketing program in general. They say a photo is worth 1,000 words, and a video is worth a million, so make sure you show your clients, customers, and prospects the best your business has to offer with professional photography and video in Delaware.

Personal Photography Services

I am an on-location photographer, meaning that I go to my clients wherever they are.

Locations typically include their home or another outdoor location that has personal meaning. My session locations are all different, and I have professional equipment that allows me to navigate all types of conditions and scenarios — dimly lit spaces, really bright or harshly lit areas, etc.

One of the elements I love most about photographing is capturing relationships and connection between loved ones — animal or human. This is something that is really hard to capture if you aren’t part of your photographs.

Videography Services

Get ahead of the competition by including professionally captured videography into your marketing strategy.

360-degree video tours ensure not a single detail is missed and provides your customers, clients, and prospects with the most comprehensive overview of all there is to experience at your property.

You might also consider capturing your employees in action or recording testimonies! With both photography and video, you can express character that will help your customers relate to your brand and entice them to be the next customer or client!

Aerial/Drone Videography

Drone photography and video captures a unique perspective of your company or service and allows you to tell a more compelling story.

The images and video captured with drone technology are widely used in a variety of industries as both a service and marketing tool. Drone production is a must have for construction and real estate professionals.

At Delaware Creative Digital we’re always looking for new ways to elevate our clients’ marketing. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in cutting edge technology. Our drone pilots are trained and certified in flying UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). We proudly offer our clients in the construction and real estate industries our professional aerial production services. Our pilots are FAA certified and experienced in capturing high quality aerial imagery for use in videos, websites, brochures and much more.

I’ve worked with StudioX for several years and have always found them to be prompt and professional. they give the images to me in record time. I cannot recommend them enough.

Tiffany SchaffMS Society of Delaware