StudioX Programs

TFP Model Shoot Program

Did you know that we provide free images for modeling sessions?

Most people who want to be models waste so much time, effort, and money because they have no idea what the proper steps are needed to become a model and they have no direction on what “type” of modeling they should be focusing on, if at all. While StudioX does not offer these types of modeling services for aspiring models, we do offer “time for photos or (TFP).

Non Profit Giving Back Program

We’re committed to provide our 10% of services and we’re want to raise the awareness of this program in the community. Depending on what sort of photographic needs your organization has, we offer a variety of services from event photography to portraits of your staff.

  • Premium services and beyond your expectation
  • Discounted non profit rate + 10% discount
  • Professionally edited and processed
  • 3 Hours of event shooting time