Spice Up Your Engagement Photo Session

Your engagement photo session is almost as important as your wedding photo shoot. The photos do not only serve as souvenirs, but can also be used as save the date cards and wedding reception displays. So, make the photo shoot fun, creative, and memorable by spicing things up.

Have fun with props.
Cool and creative props add some extra oomph to your prenup photos. These also make your photo’s theme look more realistic. For instance, if your theme is Sunday Picnic, collect a picnic basket, a comfy mat, and some snacks. If you’re an artsy-craftsy person, you can create props for a more personalized feel. No time to DIY? Just look around your house for some cute props you can use or buy them from stores.

Choose your wardrobe carefully.
Pick clothes that are appropriate for your theme to achieve the look you want for your pictures. You’ll definitely look awkward wearing a couture dress when your theme is country. Another thing to consider when choosing your wardrobe is comfort. You’ll sure feel confident when you’re wearing comfortable clothes because these don’t restrict your movement.

Create a theme.
Choosing a theme is fun since it releases your creative juices. Avoid using more than one theme because this ruins the purpose of the shoot- and that is to tell a story. It’s a good idea to choose a theme that reflects your personality. For instance, if you and your fiance love to drive around, you can opt for a Road Trip theme.

Experiment with different poses.
Practice your poses prior to the day of the engagement shoot, so you’ll be prepared when you get there. Have a trial photo shoot with your fiance. Ask someone to take photos of you to see how you’ll look on the actual photos from the e-session.

Pick a location that is special to you and your fiance.
The shoot will be more memorable and special if you pick a place that means something to you and your fiance. It’s nice to have a photo shoot at a location that has been a part of your love story. It could be the place where you first dated or your favorite hang out spot. You will be more comfortable to pose and move around in a place that is familiar to you.

Let your love for each other show.
Act like how you would when no one is looking. This way, the photos will look natural and not forced. Show how in love you are with each other to help your wedding photographer capture romantic shots. Friends and family will definitely enjoy browsing through your pictures because of the love and beauty captured by the camera.

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