Six Tips For Preparing For Your Baby’s Photo Session

Taking the time to plan for your baby’s photo session will make all the difference in the final images. A little preparation will make for a happier baby (and mom) during the photo shoot and you will increase the chances of getting the photographs you are envisioning. Once you’ve done the research and found a photographer who fits your budget and style, there are several things you can do to get ready for the photo session.

Scheduling is Important– The best time to photograph a baby is when he or she is neither tired nor hungry. Try to schedule your session right after a feeding. Most photographers understand that it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict a baby’s schedule and are, therefore, usually more than happy to wait while you turn your baby back into the sweet angel you want documented for posterity.

Bring Refreshments (for you and baby!)– If you are nursing, find out if there is a place for you to easily feed your baby. If there will not be an adequate place for you to comfortably nurse, consider pumping before hand and bringing a bottle. For slightly older babies, bring along something to drink and a light snack. Frankly, you may both get thirsty and hungry during the session. It’s actually quite a lot of work for everyone involved. Which leads me to the next tip.

Plan on a Little Hard Work– It’s not easy to keep your baby cooing gleefully for an entire photo shoot. Be ready to make those ridiculous faces and do those embarrassing dances that you swore you would never do outside the privacy of your own home. You will likely be up and down, singing silly songs, playing peek-a-boo, and pretend sneezing for most of the session, so check your dignity at the door. Remember, the baby will likely look at you, so put on your show wherever you want the baby to look. (The photographer will most likely guide you through this process, letting you know when she/he needs assistance and directing you to stand in a certain place.)

Clothes (Or No Clothes) Do Matter– Bathe your baby about two hours before the shoot if possible, and dress him or her in something that you can remove without disturbing your angel. If you want those adorably innocent naked baby pictures, keep diaper and clothing loose to avoid making unsightly red marks. A neutral colored onesy makes for a very simple and clean photo, but splashes of color and bright patterns or hats are also great. If you (or your spouse and/or siblings) plan to be in the photos, try to dress in neutral colors, so your clothes will not become the focal point of the image.

Gather Wardrobe and Props Ahead of Time– “Packing” ahead of time will ensure that you don’t leave something behind. Wash and pack clothes, blankets, pillows, accessories, toys, and any other special items for your session as soon as you can get by without them. Don’t feel awkward if you show up with a full suitcase. Many people do.

Be On Time– You are likely allotted a certain amount of time for your shoot. Avoid having to rush by being prepared and on time.

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