Prom Photo Ideas & Creative Ways To Make Them Special

Prom photos commemorate your special night but who wants to wait in a long line to have theirs taken after they have danced for a while, are sweaty and aren’t looking their best? You don’t have to wait for the photo everyone else is taking.

Instead of the traditional photo have a photo session of your own. Find a special place where there are beautiful flowers, or a fountain, or a beach. A nice scenic mountain with a great view would be great. Parents, siblings or good friends can take various poses of you with your date. Have several people take photos. People tend to take different types of pictures. Have them take shots of you alone, you with your date, your date by themselves. Take photos with you looking at the camera, you looking away from the camera, both of you looking into each other’s eyes. Pictures of a couple walking away from the camera are nice as well.

If you still want a professional photograph without waiting in a long line, plan a private photo session with a professional photographer. Schedule a session at their studio earlier on the day of the prom or before prom day if you and your date have your prom attire already. You can hire a professional to come into your home. Have them set up a special set for your private photo session to be held in the privacy of your home.

No matter what route you decide to take as far as your prom photos are concerned… the more pictures the better. Have your friends take photos during the prom. Sometimes the best pictures are taken when you aren’t aware you are even having a photo taken. It’s easy to share photos with your friends via social networking sites.

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