Preparation Tips For Your Senior Portrait Session

Senior portraits have come a long way from the days your parents where high school seniors; they are a far cry from the “tilt your head and smile” poses that where photographed in the school gym or a local portrait studio in town.

High school seniors today are more demanding and have a lot more activities going on in their daily lives than their counter parts of the past and thereby require a more unique, and creative approach to their senior portraits. These seniors require an approach that captures their true personality; their likes, hobbies, personality, and extracurricular activities.

While a tremendous amount of responsibility is placed on the photographer to capture these unique photos, the senior student doesn’t escape any responsibility on their part. Below is a list that outlines senior portrait preparation tips that should be considered by the senior prior to their photo shoot. Following the list can almost guarantee a very productive and successful photo session.

  • Be Flexible – Your days events and planning can change. The photographer can be inspired by many things and change the plan. Flexibility in mood and timing can help you stay focused and mentally prepared for a great senior portrait session.
  • Get a Good nights Rest – Being tired the next day for your photo shoot can be harmful to your photos. Tired eyes and a “dragging” body don’t make for a good photo session.
  • Take Several Outfits – It’s a good idea to have several outfits of clothing that reflect your personal style. You should first consult with your photographer about the types of photos you would like so that the photographer can advise you of the wardrobe to bring. Remember to make sure they are stain and wrinkle free for the shoot. In addition, don’t forget to ask about what colors to wear. Your photographer will advise you on this issue as well.
  • Hair and Makeup – Stick with a proven hairstyle for your shoot. As for make-up keep it simple and avoid bright red lipstick for girls. You want to look as natural as possible. If you want to have a makeup artists present, either hire one for the shoot or ask your photographer if they offer a make-up artist service.
  • Blemishes and Braces – Don’t stress over them. Make sure your photographer can remove them for you if you desire. Most photographers offer this service either for free or for a fee.
  • Be yourself – Remember, Your senior portraits reflect who you are. Be yourself during the shoot. Most photographers will do a warm-up session for about 10 to 15 minutes to get you use to the camera and their working style.
  • Bring a Friend or Parent – It’s a good idea to bring someone with you when doing the photo shoot. But remember, you don’t want an audience either. Too many people can make you tense as well as interfere with the photographer.
  • Arrive a Few Minutes Early – Arriving early to your photo shoot allows you and the photographer to go over last minute details, and changes in the plan, and to prepare for the shoot.

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