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StudioX not only caters to the corporate sector, but also to the personal sector. StudioX provides a number of personalized photography solutions including portraits, events, and students to name a few.

Sessions For Families:

Portrait Photography: Portrait photography helps identify who we are, how we see ourselves or how we are seen. They can be honest images or equally created for affecting a new and improved persona. There are several types of portrait sessions that we create. The ‘studio’ shot, usually shot on a seamless backdrop with and without props and the ‘environmental’ portrait, placing the sitter in their surroundings. These can be so diverse that you may find many variations in a single session.

– Family Portraits
– Individual Portraits
– Pet Portraits

Lifestyle Photography: Lifestyle The posed studio portraits are always lovely but there’s something special about candid photography. Families interacting with each other, children playing on the living room floor or rolling around in dirt. These images provide a look into the lives of others, their home, and their environment.

Family Events: Birthday and Quinceanera parties for kids! Yes, we do those too. Let’s get some birthday memories of your little ones and if you’re feeling left out, let us know, we do adult birthday parties too. Birthday snapshots can be something special and worth treasuring.

– Children’s Birthday Parties
– Family Reunions


Sessions For Students:

Student Sessions: Don’t let your yearbook be how you remember your senior year. From senior year portrait to cap & gown, at George Shea Photography, we provide a unique portrait experience and a variety of options to fit your needs. From Senior Prom to graduation, a session for every senior’s needs.

Homecoming Session: Homecoming night is the first biggest night of the year for many high school students. It’s their chance to get dressed up, have an ‘adult’ date, and hang out with friends all night! I’m a documentary kind of photographer and I can capture your child’s special night in images – so they will always remember the special night.

Prom Session: Prom night is the first biggest night of the year for many high school seniors. It’s their chance to get dressed up, have an ‘adult’ date, and hang out with friends all night! I’m a documentary kind of photographer and I can capture your child’s special night in images – so they will always remember the special night.

Senior Cap N Gown Session: When it comes to planning for sessions, seniors are some of my favorite people to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love families, children, engaged couples and wedding ceremonies.. but seniors are close to the top of my list. The last year of school, why not hire us to capture the excitement of your child’s upcoming graduation.

Graduation & After Ceremony: There are a few defining moments in a person’s life, and graduation is one of them. It’s a time for ceremony, celebrating accomplishments and dreaming about the future. Photos provide lasting memories so why not hire George Shea Photography to capture those end of year moments.


Sessions for Couples:

Anniversaries: The first anniversary is a big one- it’s a celebration of shared life and renewed love. It’s also the time to enjoy being just the two of you or a celebration with your friends and family gathered together. We love moments like these! moments of the two fo you enjoying the first year of marriage and celebrating with a first anniversary photo shoot- something every couple should commemorate, big or small. Let us help capture your story in images.

Engagements: We love those special times before a wedding and we love even more to show the world your love for one another just before you tie the knot. Engagement sessions are a big hit with couples and photographers and has pretty much become a staple of wedding photography. Let us create memories that you can share with the world.

Proposals: We’ve seen men do it time and time again both in public and in private. Viral videos from ball parks, to restaurant proposals, and even some really embarrassing ones too. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s when the groom to be proposes the “will you marry me” line. It can happen anywhere and at anytime, and in most cases the bride to be isn’t even expecting it.

Couples Lifestyle Sessions: All in the beauty of love! When you first fall in love and become a couple and it is a very special time in your lives when everything new and exciting is on the horizon. From spending those special moments togeather to engagements and I do proposals, to simply just celebrating your anniversary, we want to be there to help capture those moments. moments that will live with you for the rest of your lives.


Special Packages:
You can pick one of all of the inclusions in one of our exclusive photo session packages. Chose an individual session for the per hour rate or the entire package at a discounted rate. The choice is your’s.

Baby Bump Package:
Baby Bump Lifestyle Session: When you are expecting a baby, your thoughts turn to wanting to preserve and immortalize this precious period of life. Nothing captures this incredible time better than a well-thought-out maternity shoot. Whether you feel up to the photo shoot or not, the thought of capturing the beauty of your developing baby bump is intriguing, and a must do.

Gender Reveal Session: Finding out the gender of your unborn baby will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Traditionally, this surprise happens in the delivery room, but more couples are opting out of the wait and sharing the big news with loved ones before their little ones are even born. Let us capture those memorable moments in images and book your gender reveal session today!

Baby Shower Session: Planning a baby shower takes a lot of time and effort, but once the party’s under way, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun (and maybe mayhem) and forget to take all of the photos that you wish you had, so why not hire us to handle all your baby Shower photography needs? You’ll be sure you didn’t miss any important moments.

Baby’s First Look: So congratulations! A baby has finally been born! Yeaaa! Too weak and too tired to take some snap shots of your new baby, now is the perfect time to hire us to capture those cute adorable moments. Sounds like a perfect idea. Let’s show everyone what they really been waiting for?

Special Introductory Rate

Book a personal session before the end of June to take advantage of this special introductory summer rate! Rate good from June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Good only for new clients.

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