5 Tips to Prepare For the Perfect Baby Photo Shoot

Awww, everyone loves babies – their cute little eyes, noses, ears, hands, and feet just make us all melt. But they grow up so fast! One minute they’re the most precious little beings on earth and the next minute they’re graduating from high school. So parents practically run themselves nuts trying to capture every moment of their little lives.

For some parents, it’s almost like an addiction – they just can’t stop taking those snap shots with their digital cameras as their babies grow up. While these pictures are cute and funny, there’s usually something “not quite right” about them – such as clothes scattered across the floor in the background. While those candid photos are good for the collection too, most parents find themselves having professional photos taken of their babies quite often.

However, just because the photographs are being taken by a professional does not mean the process is automatically stress-free for the parents. A professional baby photo shoot can actually end up being quite stressful without the proper planning and preparation on the parents’ part.

Here are 5 tips from a Delaware Photographer that will help your baby’s photo session go on without a glitch:

  • Work around the baby’s schedule. Babies tend to photograph best after taking a nap and being well-rested. Make sure your baby receives adequate sleep the night before a photo shoot as well as taken a nap prior to the photo shoot if possible. It’s hard to capture “happy” moments when babies are cranky and tired. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the cranky moments, but there has to be at least a few happy poses in the set.
  • Set aside adequate time and be patient. Plan ahead and don’t rush the day of your baby’s photo session. In addition, be patient during the photo session under all circumstances. If you are flustered and frustrated, your baby will probably be in that same mood as they are very sensitive and connected to their parents’ emotional states.
  • Prepare the baby’s wardrobe. Every parent wants to see their baby dressed in their cutest little outfits – but tone it down for the professional photo shoots. Solid colors work the best and avoid loud logos, words, cartoon characters, and other busy details that can be distracting in a photograph. Simple is good! Have a few outfits picked out ahead of time for variety. Also, don’t forget to get a few bare poses as well – those are just priceless.
  • Decide on props. Baby photos usually consist of the baby leaning on something or playing with something. Come prepared with ideas about what you would like to see in the photographs with your baby. If you have some items at home that you want in the pictures, bring them along.
  • Decide on a location for the photo shoot. Many photographers today are doing more “outside of the studio” photography sessions. There are some beautiful sights in the world so be open-minded and decide where you want to have photos taken of your baby – at home, at the park, or at the lake. You name it – and it’s done. Some of the most adorable baby photo shoots were taken in places other than the studio so put your thinking cap on and get creative!

In conclusion, a baby photo shoot simply requires adequate planning and preparation by the parents in order to produce flawless professional baby photographs that you can reflect on for a life-time.

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