StudioX is operated by Delaware freelance photojournalist, George Shea.

StudioX offers photography and video services statewide. Over the past 5 years, StudioX has built an impressive brand rooted in the principles of excellence and diversity and expanded our offerings to not just the corporate sector but also the private sector.

From the most exclusive, intimate affairs to incentive programs and huge multi-day engagements, our clients have come to count on us to deliver stunning images and unparalleled client services throughout their entire experience with StudioX.

Our Services

Corporate Photography Services

Corporate, Construction, Industrial, & Real Estate

Photography is one of the most critical aspects of your brand, because it forms the core of how your current and potential customers understand and connect with your company.

Whether you need photographs of construction or demolition work in progress, building exteriors or interiors, portraits, or staged product shots of construction equipment or materials, we can help.

I will travel to your site to capture the story you want to tell.

Personal Photography services

Special Events, Portraits, Headshots, Lifestyle

I am an on-location photographer, meaning that I go to my clients wherever they are. Locations typically include their home or another outdoor location that has personal meaning. My session locations are all different, and I have professional equipment that allows me to navigate all types of conditions and scenarios -- dimly lit spaces, really bright or harshly lit areas, etc.

One of the elements I love most about photographing is capturing relationships and connection between loved ones -- animal or human. This is something that is really hard to capture if you aren’t part of your photographs.

Video & Drone Services

Corporate, Construction, Industrial, Real Estate, & Personal

With the abundance of new media, we understand the importance of video coverage for archival, marketing and promotional purposes. A well-designed professional video really makes a difference in effectively telling the story of your company or event. Our immersion in the event, tech and photography industries.

When working with clients on video projects, we make sure that everything runs smoothly from conception to final delivery. In addition to shooting on-site, we handle pre-production planning including story-boarding and project management as well as post-production editing and archiving.

I will travel to your site to capture the story you want to tell.

My Works

My personal team includes renowned photographers and videographers, together, we work for the success of each client’s unique needs.

The result is unforgettable!

Photography featured in so many ways

Images that perfectly capture the moment and setting. These images will become the building blocks for the creation of a persuasive story that your customers, clients, and prospects will never forget.

I’ve worked with StudioX for several years and have always found them to be prompt and professional. They give the images to me in record time. I cannot recommend them enough!

Tiffany SchaffMS Society of Delaware